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What is KIP?


Kids Industry Prep is a program that prepares kids for the industry using multi-media for social branding and portfolio building.


Other programs include: Acting, Photography, Media




Below is a breakdown of what the program has to offer.



 The program activities are set based on the kids' schedules. Activities scheduled around your schedule are mainly on the weekends (about 1 to 2 times a month).

 The majority of our children are over an hr away; therefore, distance is always taken into consideration by scheduling multiple shoots and activities on one day.


The program is no longer open enrollment effective Jan 2019. As a result, all children and parents are required to demonstrate a need for the program. 

Job Leads:

All children are required to look for work, train or be actively working to remain in the program. There is no commission paid to KIP as we aren't representing your children. We provide job leads on our private kids casting page daily, so it's expected that the photos, training, etc from the program be used for the job submissions, branding, etc. 



We have monthly team building activities that encourage comradery, public speaking, effective communication, and confidence-building. Activities for different age levels. 


Contract? No.

 Most importantly, there is no contract to stay in the program; you can end at any time. 


Program Summary:

Both Green Bean and Icon+ include enrollment, consultation, job leads, resume templates, activities, etc. Cost is for photos ONLY; everything else is included with admission.


Green Bean- 1-3 photoshoots a month & 1 download from each shoot, activities, one download per shoot, industry photos/job submission, wardrobe not included. Paid monthly, no other fees.  Great for getting started in the industry


Icon+ Print - starting at 2-3 shoots per month/2-3 downloads per shoot/wardrobe included/original viral-worthy shoots/industry photos. Paid monthly. No other fees. Great for those that have been in the program for a while and want more creative shoots. Also, for parents that are "on the go" and have no time for wardrobe styling.


All payments are accepted online. We do not accept cash.


Meet and Greet:

If you'd like consideration, it's best to schedule your meet and greet 2 weeks prior to your preferred start month or the first or second weekend of your selected start month. If your child is selected, the shoots and classes will begin the same month up to 3 shoots and 1 class. 


You must complete this questionnaire to request a meet and greet.


Additional Reading Material:

If you haven't already done so, feel free to review "things you need to know" policies before requesting enrollment into the program (link below). These policies will never change. It's best to understand them, not vice later.