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Things you Should Know


  1. We are NOT a talent agency nor are we representing you as your manager. You are NOT paying us to procure jobs or represent you. You are paying for photography. If you're cast from our photos, training, consultation, GREAT, that means the program is working for you! Being prepared makes getting representation and direct booking easier. This program is a tool that uses successful techniques for successful results. 
  2. We DO NOT receive any commissions for any jobs you book. 
  3. Photo Delivery - There is a 3-4 week photo delivery.
  4. There are also compliance goals that affect the entire duration of your enrollment. These compliance standards decrease high drop-out rates and help maintain our competitive prices.  
  5. Minimal participation in classes and some events is recommended for successful development of your child. 
  6. Flexible photoshoot scheduling. Anticipate more than one shoot in one sitting for convenience for those out-of-town.
  7. No hidden fees or expenses
  8. You can leave the program anytime you wish. 
  9. Results are seen within 6 months of enrollment. *Results are considered, but not limited to: confidence/bookings/representation/social media following/auditions/behavior/etc.
  10. There are NO refunds once the program has already begun.
  11. There is a three month probation period which affects delivery schedule of photos.


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