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Should my child do background work?

Posted by Shashi Yejide on Jan 19th 2020

Background work - My point of viewEven though there is lots of background work here, despite what you heard it's a great way to learn the ins and outs of being on set without being put on the spot.Thi … read more

Success vs. Reality

Posted by Shashi Yejide on Jan 19th 2020

Success vs. RealityMany parents think they can make their kids famous on their own without headshots, training, representation etc. This is FALSE. You know why? Keep reading...My TOP 7 of what I've he … read more

Who is Shashi? What exactly does she do?

Dec 10th 2019

What, who is Shashi? For people that are trying to figure it out..I'm a photographer.I also own a Kids Industry Prep program that assists kids in creating a visual package for industry professionals. … read more

Trust the Process

Posted by Shashi Yejide on Jun 20th 2019

Congratulations to Jai'Varn Hatton. KIP kid Jay has OFFICIALLY been signed with a Top Commercial Print Agency in New York. Jay, you truly deserve this as you have been working your tail off … read more