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Below are some of the activities and shoots the members have participated in!


Making friends at KIP is the best thing your child can do. Lots of support and encouragement when you make friends.


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Youth Zuri prepares for her model headshot!


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Teen Nakiyah prepares for her headshot!

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Thrift Store Challenge! We had so much fun. The kids will use the outfits from the thrift store for a photoshoot. They were given 30 minutes to gather outfits that matched their mood board. They could only spend $35!

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Team Building Activities - Scavenger Hunt at the mall. Great for young and older children. Children are provided with clues and must rely on the help from their teammates to discover the lost treasure.


One of our first posing class in the new studio. Children learn basic techniques for posing in front of the camera. They are taught through games and activities so what is learned is retained. Children will be able to apply what was learned from the class into their first photo-shoot.


Event - Live Mall Shoot Some of the children were invited to attend this Live Mall Shoot. This event assisted with confidence as they were expected to photograph in front of a live audience

Mother Child Shoot - This shoot was to honor the parents for their hard-work and dedication. These parents are the real MVP's! They are so dedicated to the success of their children.


 Stylist Challenge: The members created their very own mood board based on their interests. This is important to create your very own brand. The children worked long and hard to create these boards. Stylists were brought in to create outfits from the boards alone. This was a very exciting even for the children. Stay tuned for the next one!

Easter Egg Hunt - We had an Easter Egg Hunt that was not your typical hunt. Although the eggs were easily visible, there were specific instructions that the children needed to follow before selecting the egg. This taught the children how to pay attention to details.


Painted Clothes Shoot

Every child will participate in painting their own clothes for a photoshoot. The children love to take part in the creation of a shoot. This is one of the funnest shoots.


Field Trips! We've went to several trips throughout the year and the Children's Museum in Baltimore was one of them. We had so much fun. We plan to go again very soon.


Specialty Shoot - Salon Shoot. The KIP kids participated in a fun Salon shoot! We attend several location shoot we can barely keep count.


Adult Photoshoot - A peek inside the Adult / Teen shoot

Another fun filled shoot with the children. The children were instructed to create flower headbands to be used for their Portrait Shoot. This was so much fun


 The children are tasked with creating mood boards as apart of their Team Building




We had so much fun with this Music Video Inspired Shoot. The children were challenged to improvise and to let loose!


Tribal Hair Shoot - So much fun playing in mud!



Another Mood Board Project for the next group. We were getting ready for the Mood Board Challenge


Painted Clothes Shoot #2


Drum Circle Lifestyle Shoot


Painted Faces shoot! We love this shoot because it allows the children a chance to show genuine expressions regardless of what they have on their face.


Painted Faces Shoot - Youth Boys


Sneaking at the Mall! So much fun. We thought we would be kicked out, it was so much fun!



Salon Shoot #2 - Getting girls familiar with shooting on location


BTS Pitbull Shoot



Group Shoot BTS Video produced by Ricco Sauve


More Cool Footage of me and the KIP kids getting ready for our photoshoot! lol Video by Rob Relosa from Creative Hysteria