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Success Stories

Kids Industry Prep, LLC uses photography to secure direct bookings and possible talent representation. I use the guidance from not ONE but SEVERAL industry professionals with every submission.

Despite what you thought you knew or heard, it's a FACT that submission criteria are different for each Casting Director, Manager, and Agent. You will soon discover that the set of 4 unedited photos you paid over $400 are not all you needed for your submissions. I have collected emails of submission requests over time, which has assisted in successful bookings and agency representation. With my help, templates, AND will be no time before your child begins to see results.


KIP & SSY has also become a household name when it comes to professional head-shots. There is no need to travel to NY for mediocre photos when you can get better here for less! Work smarter, not harder! Local Agents & Managers refer new clients to me regularly. Below is just one of several referrals:


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 clara-published.jpg sy-booked.jpg  livy-take-3.jpg  

eian-take-3.jpg  anaiyah-glamour-2.jpg  clara-craftopia.jpg



kipkids-wp.jpg  jay-wp.jpg  


get-money.jpg  livy-for-life.jpg



zionah-vo.jpg  a-z-mysteries.jpg jay-agent.jpg

dallas-1.jpg livy-kids-casting.jpg jay-booked-again.jpg


dallas2.jpg  jay-booked-5.jpg jay-vo3.jpg

zionah-film3.jpg zionah-lead-film2.jpg referral-hs.jpg



capture.jpg  eian-rev.jpg


jay-pbs.jpg  livy-magazine.jpg


jaeden-2.jpg  jaeden-3.jpg


lala.jpg  eian-vo.jpg


shamari.jpg  michael-welch.jpg


eian-vo2.jpg  livy-digital.jpg


clara-la.jpg  zionah-lead-film.jpg


livy-commercial.jpg  viral.jpg


comp-cards.jpg  jay-booked.jpg


 livy-fox.jpg jay-industrial.jpg


jay-medical.jpg  jay-vo2.jpg



 eian-vo-4.jpg  sashi-washpost.jpg




jay-wash-post.jpg  jay-booked-it.jpg


trinny.jpg  olivia-hbo.jpg



Below are screenshots of some of our success stories and counting!



asante-hs.jpg  asante.png


aniya-booking.jpg  jay-voice-over.jpg  eian-booked.png 


jay-faters-day.jpg  jay-new-balance.png  jay-voice-over.png  


kaila-signed.png  morgan-pageant.png  olivia-good-morning.png



olivia-signed.png  zionah-vo.png  



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