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Become an Industry Kid

AM I a KIP Industry Kid?


The Professional Print Model Program is a more in depth experience. Your model will enjoy the perks of being a more experienced model that other kids her age would only dream of.


The print program is PERFECT for talent that's signed with or want to be signed with a print agency. Why? Because print agencies need updated photos constantly to send to their clients. How do you know? Several of my children are signed with print agents including my own and their contract states this specifically. Photos also brand your child with consistent headshots, catalog photos, creative photos that are used for job submissions. There is a higher success rate in direct bookings when your child has professional photos. There is also a higher representation rate with agents because your child demonstrates they are already a skilled print model which means you won't need any training or additional photos. My photos are accepted across the board.


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The Greenbean 


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 View the ALL OF THE PERKS here!