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Talent Management

Our talent division is overseen by several management professionals who have dedicated their talent within the private and government sector. With 25 years combined experience in Human Resources, Contract Negotiation and procurement, it's no doubt these professional will be able to assist in the success of our clients.  

Words from the President: "My mission is to provide effective personal management relevant to the actor’s stage in their career and as they progress, to ensure they have the very best team around them. More than anything I believe education is key to an actors success. The service you receive from us will be determined by you. "

Some people just require agency services – essentially being submitted for work. Others want a relationship with their management team. They need and want advice and assistance with everything from photos and clips or reels to training and branding. We can do both but we generally find that those seeking and working on building a relationship with us are more successful. 

Our plan: 

We have a standard plan that we follow for ALL clients. Once the initial processing has been completed, we create an individualized plan based on the need and professional career of the client.

We also have a weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly schedule we follow so that our clients remain in the loop and active in the industry.

Our Management services assist you with everything industry related from marketing, clips, branding, and video reels. KIP Management invests in their clients careers by funding certain activities, services, and products therefore we have a strict selection process.

Note: This division is separate from the Kids Industry Prep development program and not to be confused. The difference between the two is, KIP offers photography and rigorous industry training for a monthly program fee. KIP Management offers management services only and NO fee whatsoever. You do NOT have to be enrolled in our development program to be represented. You do NOT have to use our photographers, take our classes etc. to be represented. You will however be expected to produce professional head-shots, and other material that may be requested (reels, monologues etc) in order for us to submit a professional package to industry professionals.

Who is our average Management client:

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