Photography - Curriculum





Photography Academy

Photography for Beginners 4 Months (depending on frequency of classes):

  1. Photography Program (Entry level to Intermediate) (2- 12 months) – Photographers will learn the basics of photography.

1.1.   8-16 week class per age group (Depending on the age and skill level)

1.2.   How does my camera work?

1.3.   Shooting Modes

1.4.   Exposure/Aperture/Shutter Speed/ISO (What are they?)

1.5.   Histograms (What is this?)

1.6.   Depth of Field

1.7.   White Balance

1.8.   Focal Length

1.9.   Cropping

1.10.                    Composition – Rule of Thirds, Visual Weight

1.11.                    Leading lines – Triangles, Eye Lines, Balance

1.12.                    Lighting – How to light your subject

1.12.1.  Natural / Strobe light

1.13.                    Basic Editing

1.14.                    (3) Prints per month, Hard Copy Portfolio, Online Portfolio


ELECTIVE – Photographer: Nitty Gritty – (3 months): Student can test out.

PRE-REQUISITE: Photography for Beginners

Tier 1- Creating a Dope shot

1.1.   What type of photography interests you? (Landscape, Event, Photo-Journalism, Fashion, Editorial, Commercial)

1.2.   Color and how it affects your viewers mood

1.3.   Planning your own photo-shoot from start to finish – Mood Board (6 concepts)

1.4.   Posing and Expressions – Movement, Posing for your Body type, Expressions

1.5.   Professional Photo Editing

1.6.   Photo-Challenge


ELECTIVE – Telling Stories with Photos (3 months)

PRE-REQUISITE: Creating a Dope Shot

Tier 2 – Telling Stories with Photos (4 stories)

1.7.   Creating a digital story book using photos and text

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