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Management & Talent Contract Summary



Below are bullet points to answer common questions concerning the Management Contract and the Talent Contract. We like to maintain transparency. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us and do not assume.

Management Contract: 

1. It's a 1 year contract - You can end at any time. We can cancel at any time.

2. It has a 5 year royalty period - If KIP Management (KIPMGMT) books you a job that will pay you royalties even after the job has ended, KIPMGMT will receive 20% of that booking up to 5 years.

3. There is no fee to be represented

4. You do not have to be enrolled in any program within the KIP Academy to be represented

5. We are not obligated to find work, although we do in some cases

6. We are obligated to prepare you for work, get you signed with a talent agency, branding, etc.

7. The contract is exclusive - The investment, efforts, and branding should not be shared with another manager as it will be hard to determine which manager was responsible for the clients success. Remember there is a difference between a manager and a talent agency.

8. If we sign you with an agency, we will receive 10% instead of 20% of whatever that agent books.

9. If we did not get you signed with your current agent, and they have been procuring jobs for you on a continuous basis (monthly), we will NOT receive a percentage.

10. If we invest (pay) in any services or products for you, you will be expected to pay it back either through a % of your next bookings or within 4 months whichever comes first.

11. You have to be selected

12. The representation commission is 20% of all bookings outside of your talent agency regardless if we procured the job or not. It is advised that you allow us at least 6 months to work for you. If you are unsatisfied, your contract can be voided.

13. You are expected to provide us with updated head-shots, training, reels, resume's, etc within 3 months of being signed. You are expected to invest in yourself as needed. 

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Who is our average Management client:


Talent Contract:

1. It’s a 1 year contract - you can end at any time, we can cancel at anytime

2. It is our responsibility to find you work

3. Its non-exclusive: You can sign with whomever you wish

4. We are not responsible for investing, branding, preparing etc.

5. You have to be selected.
6. You are required to provide updated content.

7. You cannot be signed with both Talent and Management. It's either one or the other.


Is this the right contract for me?





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