Curriculum Summary


The Kids Industry Prep LLC program is recommended as the first place to start when entering into the industry. Why? Because we start your child off with the basic necessities they need for agency representation. Photography and Confidence at an affordable rate of $120 a month.

We start your child off with a confidence based curriculum and slowly introduce industry standard training. During this time, your child is being observed. It is important that before you begin investing in traveling, submissions etc. that you determine if you and your child is even ready for the industry.

During this time, you'll receive photography, classes, social media consultation, and industry related assistance. Your child will also be a part of our incentive program titled KIP Scouts. This incentive program encourages responsibility, courage, and confidence all while earning real money!


Standard Curriculum included in all membership options starting at $120 a month:

Photography - Entry Level Head-shots, Lifestyle, Portraits, Fashion and Beauty

Classes - Commercial, Print, Editorial

Industry Consultation – It’s not a secret that KIP LLC knows what they are doing when it comes to social media branding awareness. If you are new to social media we will help you get started. We’ve assisted over 95% of our current and past members with establishing a footprint on the online web. This footprint included, viral media, features, and direct bookings.




$120 Commercial Catalog Photography - Package for the industry professional that is interested in basic shoots to provide to their agents. 



Advanced Editorial Photography ($120 month) - Program for the industry professional that is interested in showing their range and skill. 





A’la Carte:

Acting Academy (Entry level to Intermediate) – 4 -12 week acting academy that features an award-winning curriculum taught by trained staff. These classes are level based to allow for even the most experience child to learn new and exciting techniques. Children will be provided with “on-the-job” training that most training workshops don’t include. This on-the-job training features media, participation in KIP LLC productions etc. We feel the best way to audition for a prospective job is to be able to show a range of your abilities.

Media / Videography (Entry Level to Intermediate) – Once children have completed the Acting Academy, they will be introduced to an interactive media and videography curriculum. We’ll be assisting and maintaining your child’s online presence through YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Experts state: Videos have been proven to demand more consumer attention than any other medium. And while we’re in the midst of what some might call a content-overload for consumers, capturing attention is particularly key.



Cost vs. Value: This programs photography, classes, consultation has a market value of over $1200 a month. Below we have demonstrated what is included in the program compared to the market rate of what is included in the program.

Photography: sitting fee’s average is $150 not to include $75 per photo you choose to purchase. This quote does not include edits and wardrobe changes. headshots are $90 for the sitting fee, and $50 per photo. Market rate indicates 1 headshot can cost $400.  KIP LLC: INCLUDED UP TO 3 PHOTOSHOOTS A MONTH AND UP TO 6 DOWNLOADS. 1 Head-shot every six months INCLUDED.

Posing/Modeling Classes: Posing class package is $150 for 6 sessions. Market rate indicates posing/modeling to be up to $1250 per week long session.  KIP LLC: INCLUDED

Social Media Consultation: Market rate indicates social media consultation has an estimated value of $4,500. KIP LLC: INCLUDED

Media/Videography: Market rate indicates that an average 30 second video costs from $400 to $300,000.  KIP OPTION: up to $150 per edited video/media.

Beginner Acting Classes: Market rate indicates that an average 6-12-week session costs up to $575 and does not include on the job training. KIP LLC OPTION: $275 - $390


It's no secret that this program is the most affordable option to your introduction into the entertainment industry. Register Now!


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