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Professional Print Program



The Professional Print Model Program is a more in depth experience. Your model will enjoy the perks of being a more experienced model that other kids her age would only dream of.

She will get to travel to creative locations. Her wardrobe will be hand delivered to her for each shoot. She will receive make-up for her glamour portraits. She will be treated like the star she is. She will be exposed to fun events and given the red carpet treatment.


View the ALL OF THE PERKS here!


The Greenbean $120 (Monthly) - 


The iCON $210 (Monthly) - 



The BIG-SHOT $345 (Monthly) - 



The Influencer $420 (Monthly)-



 View the ALL OF THE PERKS here!


Before investing in the Professional Print Model program, you must determine she is the right fit. We use the criteria below when selecting children & their parents. Our motto "Quality over Quantity". 


What is an ideal KIP Professional Print Model?