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Policies - Things you Should Know



We want to make sure you are aware of some of our policies and procedures before requesting enrollment for your child with KIP,LLC.

Some parents will enroll their child on a whole other mission besides building their children's career. They are looking for CHEAP, AWESOME photos QUICKLY to possibly meet deadlines instead of booking a private session and paying the market rate. If you're looking for CHEAP, AWESOME, and FAST, then KIP is not the program for you.

We're looking to help QUALITY parents and children that are serious about growing and building in this industry. Photography is very expensive, and we are providing you with exclusive pricing on our photos that no other professional photographer in this area offers.


Below lists some of our most important policies and procedures that are often overlooked usually when it's too late:

  1. We are NOT a talent agency. You are NOT paying us to find you jobs or represent you. You are paying for photography. If you are booked from our photos, training, consultation, GREAT that means the program is working for you! Otherwise, it is important for you to understand that prior to signing up. In addition, representation and direct bookings are highly likely because you are well prepared for what the industry requires. We do NOT guarantee that, because you have professional photos and training, you will end up on Disney. Understand that this program is a tool that uses successful techniques that bypasses the wild goose chase and gets you closer to your goal quickly.
  2.  Jump Start Program - Your Enrollment must be paid in full to receive ANY photos. No exception. You can pay monthly up to 6 months or in full (can be discounted ). Most new models will be enrolled in the Jump Start Program unless a test out is requested.
  3. Professional Print Program - There is a 3 week photo delivery. There are also compliance, incentive standards and regulations that affect the first 3 months of enrollment. This is meant to decrease high drop-out rates and maintain our competitive rates. The Professional Print Program has more features (wardrobe, makeup, location shoots, travel, magazine submission, job scouting, and events). Their photos are more creative and feature graphics and high end retouching.
  4. PHOTOS CANNOT be edited. 
  5. Photos can be used to promote and brand your child, however they cannot be sold to magazines etc.
  6. Classes are mandatory in order to participate in the shoots. Classes are scheduled as needed.
  7. Shoots are scheduled according to your personal schedule. We often schedule more than one shoot in one session for convenience.
  8. There are no fees added to your monthly other than Makeup and any other add-ons you'd like as part of your program experience (if required, or not included in your package)
  9. You can leave the program anytime you wish. It is advised to remain in the program for longer than 3 months to see results and to receive more benefits.
  10. There are NO refunds once the program has already began.
  11. It is very difficult to re-enroll back into the program if you have a history of late payments or were enrolled for 3 months or less.
  12. NO TOLERANCE for Conflicts of Interests, slander, disrespect, and defamation.
  13. There is a 3 month probation period. We want to make sure that our parents are not wasting their time and money on a child that is disinterested in acting and modeling. 3 months is more than enough time to make that decision.
  14. Remember that 99% of the time, it's the parents that ruin their children's acting & modeling career. Take your time & follow the process. Respect recommendations and focus on your own child. Read our Blog: "Trust the Process"

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