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Below is a summary of the program as well as clarification on the Kids Industry Prep Program as a whole.

Kids Industry Prep holds several programs to include print, acting, and videography programs for adults and children. The two programs you expressed interest in were the Print and Acting programs.


The print program is PERFECT for children that are signed with or want to be signed with a print agency. Why? Because print agencies need updated photos constantly to send to their clients. How do you know? Several of my children are signed with print agents including my own and their contract states this specifically. Photos also brand your child with consistent head-shots, catalog photos, creative photos that are used for job submissions. There is a higher success rate in direct bookings when your child has professional photos. There is also a higher representation rate with agents because your child demonstrates they are already a skilled print model which means you won't need any training or additional photos. My photos are accepted across the board.

The acting program is PERFECT for children that are interested in acting. It features consistent acting semesters that cover all things acting. Children start with basic acting skills and move forward to more difficult techniques. This acting program is not like any in the area as the children have uniforms, homework, field trips, reels, videos, monologues, and so much more. The children in the acting program ALSO have first dibs on all KIPTV productions as lead and speaking roles. The possibilities are endless. The acting program is $35 every 2 weeks for 6 sessions. There are about 4 semesters per age group. The acting program has proven to be a successful program. The children that have been consistent with the program, see results quicker than the children that don't.


Can you do both?

Absolutely! It's actually encouraged especially for children that want to act and model which usually goes hand and hand. Training should be continuous if you're genuinely interested in acting. KIP has developed relationships with some of the best agents on the East Coast with their photos and training, therefore can make recommendations on behalf of your child if you'd like. (Disclaimer: If KIP does recommend you for representation and your child is signed, there is a 10% commission and management services will begin on your behalf. You will not be recommended for representation if you don't agree with the commission. This is just an option)

If you choose both of these programs, your monthly rate for both would be $190 until you decide to take a break from the acting program.



 The program activities are set based on the kids' schedules.  Activities scheduled around your schedule are mainly on the weekends (about 1 to 2 times a month).

 The majority of our children are over an hr away therefore distance is always taken into consideration by scheduling multiple shoots and activities on one day.


The program is no longer open enrollment effective Jan 2019. With that being said, all children and parents are required to demonstrate a need for the program (prior working experience,  past training and its effectiveness, commitment, scheduling conflicts, affordability, transportation that could hinder bookings, flexibility and current and past efforts towards the child's success). 

Job Leads:

All children are required to look for work, train or be actively working to remain in the program. There is no commission paid to KIP as we aren't representing your children. We provide job leads on our private kids casting page daily, so it's expected that the photos, training, etc from the program be used for the job submissions, branding, etc. 


 We have monthly team building activities that encourage comradery, public speaking, effective communication and confidence building. Activities for different age levels. 


Contract? No.

 Most importantly,  there is no contract to stay in the program, you can end at any time. 

 Print Program Rate Summary:

Both Green Bean and Professional Print include enrollment,  consultation,  job leads, resume templates, activities, etc. Cost is for photos ONLY, everything else is included with enrollment.

Green Bean- 1-3 photoshoots a month, activities,  1 download per shoot, industry photos/job submission, wardrobe not included. Paid $120 monthly,  no other fees.  Great for getting started in the industry


Professional Print - starting at 1 shoot per month/2-3 downloads per shoot/Wardrobe included/creative viral-worthy shoots/industry photos. Paid once a month $210. No other fees. Great for those that have been in the program for a while and want more creative shoots. Also for parents that are "on the go" and have no time for wardrobe styling.


Jump Start- 6 photos, 2 classes, Paid $162 or $962 in full. Photos delivered after payment received in full. No job placement, no consultation. No enrollment. No requirements. Note: this package is similar to booking a private session however provided as a discounted bundle. Great for parents that need a bulk photo session at a discount. 


All payments are accepted online. We do not accept cash.


Meet and Greet:

If you'd like consideration for pick your month it's best to schedule your meet and greet the first few days of your preferred start month or the first or second weekend of your preferred start month. If your child is selected, the shoots and classes will begin the same month up to 3 shoots and 1 class. At the meet and greet, we'll be discussing the same material that's on the website in depth.


Additional Reading Material:

If you haven't already done so, feel free to review "things you need to know" policies prior to requesting enrollment into the program (link below). These policies will never change. It's best to understand them not vice later.



 Prior to the meet and greet, please be prepared to answer the questions below so that I can get to know you a ilttle before our meeting.


  • Why KIP?
  • What do you think KIP can do for your child and why. Please be specific?
  • What is your typical schedule like, weekends?
  • Do you have transportation?
  • What are your goals?
  • How long do you think you'll be enrolled in KIP, realistically?
  • Do you mind traveling if an opportunity presents itself
  • Can you afford the program?
  • What obstacles do you think you'll have during your time with KIP?
  • Have you read the KIP policies? Do you understand them?
  • Did anyone refer you?
  • Are you enrolled in another program that offers similar or the same services? If so, what is the rationale for attending both (Note: This could affect your enrollment. This would be considered a conflict of interest.)


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