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Curriculum Summary



Ages 5-Adult will participate in a rigorous acting & media intensive up to 11 months. Below is the breakdown of the classes:


Acting Academy

Acting for Beginners 5 Months (depending on frequency):

  1. Acting Program (Entry level to Intermediate) (2- 5 months) – Actors will learn basic and intermediate acting skills. They will be recording their homework online each class. Watching and critiquing.

1.1.   10 week acting academy per age group (Depending on the age and skill level)

1.2.   (4) Head-shots – Smiling, No Smiling, Full Body, Lifestyle


ELECTIVE - Acting for TV – (3 months)

PRE-REQUISITE: Acting for Beginners


Tier 1- Acting for TV and Stage

1.1.   Creating Usable Self Tapes (Slates, monologue, commercial, comedy, and dialog

1.2.   Interviewing and Hosting

1.3.   Creating 60-120 second scenes with class partners (drama, catalog, commercial)

1.4.   Social Media Challenges

1.5.   Equipment - Preferred: Entry Level Camera. We have a camera you may borrow for self-tapes


ELECTIVE – YouTube (4 months)

PRE-REQUISITE: Acting for Beginners


Tier 2 – YouTube Channel (4 months)

1.6.   How to create a YouTube channel (Video, Speaking, Decoration, Lighting, etc.)

1.6.1.      Critique Sessions

1.6.2.      2- 3 minute edited shows a month

1.6.3.      Children must complete their videos either at home or in the studio

1.7.   Marketing

1.7.1.      Effective Marketing of your videos

1.7.2.      Content

1.7.3.      Social media presence

1.8.   Challenges



Take a peek at some of our Homework Submissions! Click the YouTube icon to see our little stars!





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