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KIP LLC Acting Academy (Entry level to Intermediate):
$195 a month / 4-11 month program to be paid monthly.
Taught by professionally trained staff, this program is a  (4) 4-12 week acting academy that features an award-winning curriculum taught by trained staff. These classes are level based to allow for even the most experienced member to learn new and exciting techniques. 

Member will be provided with “on-the-job” training that most training workshops don’t include. This on-the-job training features media, participation in KIP LLC productions etc. We feel the best way to audition for a prospective job is to be able to show a range of your abilities.

Media / Videography (Entry Level to Intermediate) – Once members have completed the Acting Academy, they will be introduced to an interactive media and videography curriculum. We’ll be assisting and maintaining the member's online presence through YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Experts state: Videos have been proven to demand more consumer attention than any other medium. 

Headshot - 3 Actors' Head-shot (Smiling, No smiling, Full-Body)


Because of the magnitude and overall investment we provide to your children, a Refundable Security Deposit is required to join our program

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